Essential aspects in berry cultivation

The demand for berries has grown exponentially in recent years, as the consumption of berries is booming due to the many health benefits.

Despite the difficulties imposed by the current crisis, the area devoted to blueberry cultivation is expected to grow exponentially in the coming years, especially in the main exporting countries, and also to do so in hydroponic system, according to industry experts.

Growing blueberry in hydroponics

Before starting a cultivation of blueberry in soil, it must be known that blueberry plants need to adapt to the climate and the physical and chemical characteristics of the soil in order to develop, being sandy and sandy loam soils the most suitable for the fragile root system of the blueberry plant.

On the other hand, it is important to know the pH of the soil, its cation exchange capacity (CEC), electrical conductivity (EC) and nutritional levels. The pH of the soil significantly affects the availability of nutrients, being necessary for blueberries a pH of between 4,8 and 5,2.

El hydroponic growing system allows producers to have a better monitoring of all those aspects that may affect the crop, exercising adequate control through:

  • The use of a coconut fiber or a substrate that guarantees a balanced water / air balance.
  • The constant contribution of a balanced fertilization with the adjustment of the pH to the required level.
  • The control of the appropriate level of humidity and EC of the substrate at all times by the desired% drainage.

For this reason, many growers choose soilless techniques for their vegetative and productive advantages.

Advantages of growing blueberry without soil:

  • Edaphological problems are avoided
  • Higher planting density
  • Increase productive yield per hectare
  • Greater homogeneity in production
  • Better root development in the early stages

In addition, hydroponic solutions allow high density plantations in which up to 9.000 plants per hectare can be reached.

Hydroponic blueberry cultivation at Easyplanters Cocopeat® by Projar under mesh in Mexico.


The importance of choosing a good growing medium

The choice of growing medium is crucial for the future yield and profitability of the crop. When the blueberry is grown in hydroponics, the substrate must be of high quality, so that it offers the root system of the plant the perfect and adequate environment to develop and that the plant can be productive.

Among the different technologies of soilless cultivation, there is the cultivation of coconut fiber in bags (Easyplanters). Coconut fiber has proven to be an excellent growing medium for horticultural, ornamental, fruit trees, berries ...

Unlike other media, coconut fiber maintains an excellent air-water ratio, which allows good root development and adequate absorption of water and nutrients over time.

In addition, coconut fiber has the property that it can be compressed, allows efficient logistics and recovers the original volume at the time of cultivation by being hydrated in the planting place.

Easyplanter PREMIUM is specifically designed for crops with high drainage requirements and very sensitive to excess water, such as blueberries.

Premium Substrate

Easyplanter Premium

La PREMIUM mix It is made up of 20% coconut fiber and 80% chips. The high proportion of chips, with greater granulometry, helps to maintain the structure of this substrate over the years. The chip, due to its size and its high lignin content, provides high substrate stability over time.

One of the most important characteristics of the PREMIUM Blueberry Blend is that it is very stable. over the years, while other substrates with more fines become caked and require a contribution of additives, such as perlite, two or three years after cultivation.

When a mixture is chosen that is not suitable in crops as sensitive as blueberry, control over hydroponics can be lost, as it does not achieve expected drainage, nor stability in the electrical conductivity of the substrate. Our mix PREMIUM, guarantees a minimum degradation percentage while preserving the aeration and drainage properties in the root environment of the plant.

The blueberry plant requires high quality substrates and homogeneous mixtures that guarantee its good health, growth and productivity throughout the crop cycle. Also, having technical knowledge about fertigation management will help the producer to better control the endowments and the frequency of irrigation to the plant.

Experts in Hydroponics

At Projar, we are specialists in carrying out hydroponics projects, not only for being a manufacturer of substrates and coconut fiber products, which has allowed us to know very well the characteristics and behavior of raw materials, but also for offering in a same product service, technical advice and logistics service, all adapted to customer needs.


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