They seek to specify mechanisms that allow improving the tariff access of Chilean fruit to the Asian market

A group of representatives of the Association of Chilean Fruit Exporters (Asoex) held a meeting with the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Antonia Urrejola, with the intention of seeking mechanisms to improve the tariff access of Chilean fruit to the market of different countries. of the Asian continent.

Likewise, the objectives and challenges of the work agenda for this year were also deepened, the topics that are of interest to the sector in international markets and the relevance of joint public-private work in the opening of markets, in other aspects.

In this context, the general manager of Asoex, Miguel Canala-Echeverría, commented that "it was a very positive meeting, we were able to explain the role and work of our association for the benefit of the growth of the country's fruit sector. We analyze important matters for our exports, as is the case of the expansion towards the Asian and Southeast Asian markets, destinations that represent around 30% of the receipt of our fresh fruit shipments, with an annual growth rate of 4%." .

In line with the tariff costs applied to Chilean products, Canala-Echeverría pointed out that "in these markets we analyze matters such as exports to Korea, in relation to finding a mechanism that allows us to improve the tariff access of our products, as is the case of our oranges that enter this market with a 50% tariff, mandarins with a 144% tariff, apples with a 45% tariff, and plums that enter Korea with a 45% tariff.”

“Exports to India were also reviewed, in order to deepen the Partial Scope Agreement, especially with regard to high tariffs. For example, although there are preferential products such as cherries that have a 0% tariff. There are others like blueberries and kiwis with a preference of 50%, among others”, he added.

The Asoex representative indicated that aspects related to the access of new products to Vietnam and Indonesia were also discussed. Regarding the Chinese market, fruit exporters announced the development of the current 2022-2023 season, in addition, they analyzed the end of the quarantines and the need to establish, on a regular basis, face-to-face meetings at different levels in the Giant from Asia.

“We also address exports to the United States, extending ourselves in a special way in the Systems Approach that we are waiting for table grapes from the north of the country. Likewise, we were able to talk about the importance of Latin America for our shipments, especially Mexico, Brazil, Colombia and Ecuador, where we expressed the need to strengthen the presence of the authorities and technical teams in the activities carried out by our sector. It was a very pleasant meeting, especially because we agreed to define a strategy to start working together in the markets”, added the Asoex representative.

It is worth mentioning that the instance also had the participation of the general secretary of Asoex, Rodrigo Gallardo, the minister's advisory team and representatives of ProChile, led by the national director, Lorena Sepúlveda.

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