Cooperatives will select more than 680 new Moroccan seasonal workers for the Huelva red fruit campaign

Cooperativas Agro-alimentarias de Huelva will hire more than 680 new women from Morocco to attend the 2022-2023 strawberry and red fruit campaign. He will do it through Collective Management of Procurement in Origin (GECCO), a tool authorized by the General Directorate of Migrations of the Government of Spain in view of the insufficient national workforce to attend to the tasks of collecting the red fruit industry.

For recruitment, the federation has traveled this week to the city of Fez. Over the course of four days, he will interview around 1.400 Moroccan candidates who have signed up for the offer launched by ANAPEC, the Moroccan employment agency. The women who are selected throughout this week will arrive in the province of Huelva from March of next year.

The collective management of contracting at origin is a fundamental tool to guarantee the correct functioning of the strawberry and red fruit campaign. The crop, due to its perishable nature, requires a large volume of labor, especially in the months where production peaks occur (March, April and May), and which is not covered by the national labor market. For this reason, the authorization of contingents of foreign seasonal workers by the State allows organizations such as Cooperativas Agro-alimentarias de Huelva to process the work and residence permits of foreign seasonal workers to cover the labor needs of farmers associated with federated entities. .

The Collective Management of Hiring in Origin is regulated by Order ISM/1485/2021, of December 24, and it states that when there is a difficult coverage of the labor needs of a sector in the internal labor market, may manage contingents of workers with those countries with which Spain has signed agreements on the regulation and management of migratory flows.

Therefore, since the job offer launched to cover the labor needs for the next campaign is not covered, the General Directorate of Migrations of the Government of Spain has authorized the selection of 5.250 new workers in origin from Morocco and Honduras to attend the Strawberry and red fruit collection.

Thus, in parallel to the selection of personnel in Morocco, Cooperativas Agro-alimentarias de Huelva continues to manage the hiring at source of workers of Ecuadorian origin, who will also be joined this year by those from Honduras.

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