Director of INIA La Platina at the Blueberries seminar: "We want to be active players in this great challenge facing the fruit industry"

During the Inauguration of the event, the Director of the Regional Center of La Platina, Dr. Emilio Ruz, urged that it is necessary to develop an anticipatory capacity in front of an industry that has its own dynamic, undergoes changes and experiences complexities. INIA specialists also participated in the international seminar, who addressed issues related to diseases, nutrition and harvesting of blueberries.

"For the Instituto de Investigaciones Agropecuarias (INIA) it is very pleasant and at the same time a privilege to be able to participate in this type of events and share with you a large part of the experiences that this institution has developed, over the years, in different areas, in different aspects of the fruit growing industry and particularly in the case of blueberries. In such a way that they have the capabilities and availability that the Institute has, to be able to continue contributing and collaborating in everything possible to this important agricultural item ”. This was indicated by the director of INIA La Platina, Emilio Ruz, during the inauguration of the XIV International Blueberry Seminar organized by Blueberries Consulting with the sponsorship of the Institute for Agricultural Research (INIA) and ProChile.

In his speech, the regional authority referred to the wide range of topics that were presented in the activity, which he described as a priority and transcendental for the work of the producers of the blueberry industry. "Today or maybe in the future, through the conversations and relationships that we can do in this type of seminar, we must continue to deepen these thematic areas and explore others that we will necessarily have to incorporate, in order to remain competitive in this business, "he said.

In that sense, Emilio Ruz pointed out that the blueberry industry has its own dynamic, undergoes changes and experiences complexities, that is why it is necessary to anticipate. "Therefore, this type of meetings are useful to achieve the objective of generating an anticipatory capacity to the problems and changes that are arising in this agro-industry."

Another of the points addressed by the Director of INIA La Platina was the strong competitiveness of the blueberries market. "We all know that today, more and more, there are competitors that go through the different niches and windows of commercialization at the international level and that more and more precision is required in the way we are producing, how we want to sell, how we look for the quality of our fruit and the way we set up the logistics of our business. All these things require more technology and prolixity in the assembly and development of our business, "he said.

Also, the INIA researcher La Platina commented that "every day we are facing an avalanche, I would say almost unprecedented, of new technologies, ideas, systems, devices, equipment, that appear on the market. Therefore, producers and technicians should have a greater capacity to discern and know which of those technologies can be effectively appropriate for our production systems that vary from one point to another in the country and even from one farm to another. "

Following the words of the Director of INIA in the Metropolitan region, national and international specialists analyzed the challenges, management and trends of the blueberry market, before an audience made up of more than 300 people. It is expected that during May the Blueberries 2019 Seminar will be replicated in Peru, Mexico and Spain.

About INIA

The Institute of Agricultural Research (INIA) is the main agricultural research institution in Chile, linked to the Ministry of Agriculture, with a national presence from Arica to Magallanes, through its 10 Regional Centers, as well as technical offices and experimental centers in each of the regions of the country.

Its mission is to generate and transfer knowledge and strategic technologies on a global scale, to produce innovation and improve the competitiveness of the agri-food sector.

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