The emotional meeting of the international blueberry industry in Morocco came to an end

There is a growing demand for the large volumes that are produced, but the great problem of the global industry is the drop in prices at all levels of supply.

In an atmosphere of fraternity and respect for the pain of the Moroccan people, the XXVIII International Blueberry Seminar, which was made this 13 and September 14 in the halls of Hotel Les Dunes d'Or Center De Congrès, in the city of Agadir, Morocco.

The second and last day of the meeting concluded at a high level, which in its program included the most varied topics related to the needs of producers and entrepreneurs of the Moroccan berry industry.

In the presentations, reinforced by continuous rounds of questions and then in the Round Table, a detailed review of the international blueberry industry was made, sharing statistics, production flows from different countries and regions, shipment volumes and arrivals to the main markets, as well as the quality of the fruit and the result of the different genetic varieties. In addition to the values ​​achieved by each country in the markets and the projections that emerge from this information for the blueberry industry in the short, medium and long term.

Pots and substrates

It is a proven reality that blueberry producers are obtaining lower margins. The increase in overall input costs (including labor) during 2022 is approximately 20 to 30%, although fortunately costs are now beginning to normalize.

The presentation “Blueberry production in pots: The importance of choosing the substrate and fertilization strategies”, developed by the researcher and academic from the University of Almería, María del Carmen Salas, was one of the moments of great interest, because all the crops in the Agadir area are grown in pots, under the modality of hydroponic systems.

The renowned researcher shared her extensive knowledge and long experience in soilless farming systems and her talk was very well received by Moroccan producers.

Rental income

Clearly, blueberry cultivation is spreading throughout the world and in the leading countries the planted area is increasing. There is a growing demand for the large volumes that are produced, but the big problem for the global industry is the drop in prices at all levels of supply, both fresh, processed and even organic. In a general context, since 2018 global volumes have increased by 77%, while average annual prices have decreased by 11%, with notable declines in EMEA and Asia.

As a conclusion to the various debates, when talking about obtaining greater profitability in the business, efficiency, professionalism and productivity in the field are placed as a central axis in this objective. On the other hand, choosing the right varieties, with higher yields and seeking better fruit that meets the high standards of consumers, is an essential factor to remain in the market.

El XXVIII International Blueberry Seminar in Morocco has come to an end, but it has already become a permanent date on the calendar of the international blueberry industry in its annual activities and apparently, the city of Agadir will be its immovable headquarters from now on.

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