Peruvian company innovates sustainable packaging for export fruits

This Peruvian company develops sustainable packaging for export fruits, which are an alternative to the use of plastic.

Peru.- With the aim of promoting a more competitive and sustainable food industry, the Peruvian company Gráfica Real, develops sustainable packaging and resistant for export fruits that comply with quality standards, current regulations and extend the useful life of the fruit.

The company will be able to produce sustainable and biodegradable packaging as an alternative to the use of plastic in the export blueberry packaging, thanks to the prize he received for winning the contest: "Validation of Innovation in Food Safety" of the National ProInnóvate Program.

This packaging type clamshell that keeps the fruit fresh, is made from virgin fiber cardboard. which resists moisture in the berry cold chain export, from packaging, transportation, to display in national and international supermarkets.

The packaging trend for the fruit and vegetable sector emphasizes the recyclability and sustainability of packaging. The use of plastic represents a huge environmental pollution problem due to the long time it takes to degrade: between one hundred and one thousand years.

For the consumer, it is key to have safe products, which is why we are currently working on the development of sustainable packaging that extends the fresh fruit shelf life and vegetables, as well as those minimally processed, without modifying their nutritional quality.

The challenge is to develop packaging or active materials, that is, packaging that contains a component that has the specific function of preserving food, that is, that can prolong the useful life of the product and can inhibit the growth of any pathogen.

Finally, the export market for fresh products is developing innovative packaging with materials that are friendly to the environment and that meet the needs of the sector and the final consumer.

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