Harro van Dam, Carsol Europe: "We expect to harvest blueberries all year round in Portugal for the first time this year"

In Portugal, blueberry production has been underway, in limited volumes, for several weeks. “We work closely with our partner Logofruits there, as they have two cultivation sites. One of 90 hectares in the southern region of Odemira and another of 70 hectares just south of Lisbon.

Volumes are gradually increasing and prospects are excellent. The plants are uniform and their quality, size and taste look very promising,” says Harro van Dam of Carsol Europe.

«Last year's regional closure made it difficult to organize the harvest; we were unable to bring workers to one of the farms. In anticipation of that, we now have 180 rooms for collectors. We will also do mechanical harvest tests this season. In addition, we have invested in cooling facilities to ensure better quality. Later this year, we will also install a sorting and packing line."

“Based on successful tests carried out in 2021, year-round harvesting should be possible in Portugal for the first time this year. Blueberries are surprisingly good quality. And our different European customers now have the opportunity to buy a more local alternative to agricultural products.” of the southern hemisphere", concludes Harro.

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