Achieving global success with food safety and supply chain transparency:

How Highland Ag Solutions supports its customers from seed to sale

From a transparent fresh produce marketplace to being audit-ready 24/7/365, your path to making better, faster decisions starts with Highland Ag Solutions. Highland is committed to providing its customers with the tools they need to manage their operations, whether it be growing or marketing fresh produce. His latest announcement about the Tara Stroud added to Highland Ag Solutions as Director of Client Success and bolstering support for Spanish-speaking customers with the hiring of another bilingual service specialist, Jasmin Guardado, exemplifies their customer-centric model for international growth.

Highland Ag Solutions is a leading provider of data software and technology designed specifically for the agricultural industry. Food safety is of vital importance in the modern world. With globalized trade and ever-increasing demand for fresh produce, we must demand a pro-competitive global fresh produce market for better decision-making throughout the supply chain. Highland Ag Food Safety Software is now available internationally in English and Spanish, as well as in countries that use the metric system. See the latest update to the international site details here.

The power of transactional data

Highland Ag MarketWatch® provides a comprehensive view of current fresh produce market conditions, allowing marketers to receive up-to-date insight into their markets. The data provided is aggregated and anonymous, ensuring that users have access to the most accurate information.

Subscribers have access to:

● Aggregated data: provide transparent information for marketers to communicate effectively with producers.
● Intelligence and analysis: explore how to improve your product portfolio.
● Freight Rates: Analyze freight rates based on origin and destination distance by package size.
● Trends – Observe market trends for packaging style changes and make appropriate adjustments to avoid repackaging.
● Benchmarks: Compare your company's quality and performance metrics with aggregated market data.

In need of insight into the global fresh produce market, Highland Ag MarketWatch is gaining traction among Latin American marketers and preparing system integrations to capture as much of the blueberry season as possible in Peru, Chile and Mexico to launch across the continent. American next season, but the work starts now!

Advantages of Highland Ag MarketWatch 

Accessing and analyzing data directly from the source in real time enables fast and accurate decisions while reducing waste, keeping input costs around freight low, meeting consumer demand, and, overall, a more efficient supply chain is achieved.

Make smart decisions faster with Highland Ag Solutions

Quick decisions allow us to identify potential issues and take corrective action quickly and accurately, whether it's your food safety program or analyzing the fresh produce market, Highland Ag Solutions is there to help you support your agribusiness from seed until sale.

Visit for more information or contact us and subscribe today.

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