Micro meshes for the elimination of thrips

Difference between TRIPS and VC anti-thrips mesh

In the 90's, a significant number of investigations related to micro meshing were carried out. It was reported that, due to their slim appearance, TRIPS can only be excluded by mesh with opening or very fine windows. The maximum recommended dimension for mesh windows to exclude, for example, TRIPS from flowers, is 0.192 millimeters (mm). For reference, human hair is 0.170-0.181mm.

Due to this, the doubt arose that, if the window is reduced to restrict the passage of insects, the passage of air would still be restricted, with the consequence of overheating the greenhouse, so the concept of manufacturing mesh with threads was developed much finer than the conventional ones, to increase the porosity, thus a mesh with a suitable reduced opening would be had to avoid the passage of the TRIP, providing the air flow through it.

Mesh advantages

Textiles Agrícolas, a company with more than 45 years of textile innovation, has created a specialized mesh to prevent the passage of these insects. Meshes specially designed to withstand the opening movement of the zenith windows, which help isolate the growing areas, containing the entry of tiny organisms, such as disease-carrying TRIPS, maintaining air circulation.

Tips for better performance

Choosing a good mesh system is the best preventive way for the establishment of populations of TRIPS; however, operation and maintenance are also important. The holes in the screens are very small, periodically check the screens for mechanical damage that is commonly caused by the windows or zippers themselves. Any rips or damage are invitations to enter for TRIPS.


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