NetBow ™ the innovative multi-drip irrigation arch for berries from Netafim ™ arrives in Mexico this 2021

At Netafim ™ we know the challenge that the production of high value crops represents, especially those that grow in substrate since even the slightest involuntary stress of the plant can have a great effect on the quality and quantity of its yields, directly affecting your profitability .

In response to this need, we have developed a solution with multiple drip points specially designed for the irrigation of crops in pots and containers.

NetBow ™ has been developed with a technology to achieve the highest irrigation distribution, an arch with 8 outlets that allows uniform coverage, without dead spots, favoring the growth of the root zone in the container, ensuring that the crops achieve their Maximum potential.

In technical terms, NetBow ™ has eight Typhoon ™ drippers that are highly resistant to plugging thanks to their large filter area and optimum durability, season after season.

NetBow ™ can be connected to both tablet drip lines (UNIRAM, UNIWHITE, DRIPNET PC) as well as button drippers (PCJ), this solution offers all the necessary accessories according to the type of installation you require, being a quick solution and easy to install, also offering considerable savings in labor and installation time.

Your effort and investment deserve the best care and protection, and our Netafim ™ commitment is to put the best technology at your fingertips to help you grow more with less.

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