A new probiotic with a high cholesterol reduction capacity

Researchers at the University of Vigo have participated in the discovery of a new type of probiotic food with a great capacity to reduce hypercholesterolemia and a strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory power. The results are published in the journal Food Chemical Toxicology.

A new type of probiotic food with multiple potentials: on the one hand, a high capacity to reduce hypercholesterolemia and, on the other, a strong antioxidant and anti-inflammatory power. This is how Maurizio Battino describes one of the latest findings of the NF1 Nutrition and Food Science group of the University of Vigo.

This new probiotic drink, made in collaboration with a team from the Ocean University of China, is created from the remains from the production of blueberry pomace. This is not common, as currently probiotic fermentation products are mainly limited to dairy products, while fermentation of vegetables and fruits is even less.

Therefore, in addition to the important potential for people's health, this new product also involves the recovery of waste from the industry, since the main bioactive compounds they use do not come from whole blueberries “but from the fermentation of the remains employees for other purposes, ”explains Battino.

The researcher adds that, in the event that this type of product finally arrives on the market, it would be a very sustainable and economically advantageous way to give a new life and added value to some undervalued waste to date and whose elimination implies an additional cost for the industry.

The results, published in the magazine Food Chemical Toxicology, show that in trials vitro Cholesterol removal capacity reaches 67,17%. In addition, the study clearly demonstrates that the active ingredients and antioxidant capacity of cranberry pomace improve after fermentation.

Although in recent years many reports confirmed that probiotics have the effect of reducing blood lipids, in this case this new probiotic drink is especially rich in anthocyanins, which reinforces its lipid lowering effect.

"These are experimental data obtained in a controlled chemical trial, so it cannot be equated with its possible live effectiveness," Battino prudently emphasizes, while emphasizing that these positive results serve to confirm that he is doing well. road.

"As far as I know of any drink / food and not even any drug, it has such a high effectiveness live in blood, but it is a good way to start working for the future," the researcher emphasizes.

Less fatigue in mice

The new drink also showed outstanding performance in the fight against fatigue. In this case, the researchers who participated in the project performed different swimming experiments with weight loading in mice in which it was observed that the physical strength of the animals fed with fermented juice for a month was significantly better than that of the group of control.

“In this case the experiments were performed. live, with animals, an interesting weight control was also added to the improvement in swimming capacity throughout the investigation; In other words, we achieve greater physical activity and less weight, ”Battino emphasizes, which also underlines the high antioxidant power of this drink, a benefit he attributes, above all,“ to the anthocyanins and proanthocyanidins extracted from blueberries. ”


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