BLUEBERRY VISION 3 FROM UNITEC: Constant research and innovation in the quality grading of blueberries

UNITEC, specialized in the design and implementation of innovative technological solutions For the process, calibration, quality classification and packaging of fresh fruits and vegetables, it is an international group with 13 operating subsidiaries around the world. For 97 years, UNITEC has been committed to improve quality of the fruit and vegetable process in the more than 65 countries in which it operates, providing technologies and services based on innovation and with the highest standards of reliability and profitability for its Clients.

La research and innovation they have always accompanied UNITEC on the path to excellence with the aim of building concrete results for the horticultural plants worldwide.

UNITEC's Research and Development Team, thanks to the experience gained working side by side with Clients, has developed over the years advanced vision systems to ensure precision and reliability in the quality grading of different types of fresh fruits and vegetables. Among them are the blueberries, for which UNITEC has created dedicated and specific technologies.  


The latest update in the field of classification of the blueberry quality it's the technology Blueberry Vision 3, evolution of Blueberry Vision 2 which was the first technology in the world capable of seeing the 100% of the surface of each blueberry. Blueberry Vision 3 incorporates cameras with an even higher resolution, which allows an even more efficient and reliable classification of the qualities of this fruit.

In fact, the very high resolution cameras of UNITEC's Blueberry Vision 3 help sort blueberries according to a multiplicity of independent parameters - internal quality (soft fruit), external quality, shape defects, as well as optical caliber and color - with a very high precision and according to a plurality of combinations, thus forming many qualitative classes capable of satisfying the different consumer tastes and the different destination and distribution needs of the product.

The fruit and vegetable plants that have chosen to adopt UNITEC process lines equipped with Blueberry Vision 3 technology have found many benefits.

First of all, a delicacy in the blueberry treatment never before achieved, combined with a significant increase in production efficiency.

But also the minimization of disputes due to differences between the product agreed with the distributor and the product delivered. In fact, UNITEC technology works as a true mark of quality and reliability. It is also a strategic value for the horticultural plants that choose it to reinforce their brand reputation in the market, thanks to a supply of fruits and vegetables that is consistent over time and capable of satisfying the end consumer in the long term.

In addition, Blueberry Vision 3, by allowing to obtain a product of homogeneous quality within each container and between one container and another, supports the opening of new export outlets, even in markets far from the place of production and process and with very high quality standards. elevated.

Unitec Blueberry Vision 3

All of this is combined with a reduction in staff employed on the lines equipped with Blueberry Vision 3 thanks to the high level of automation of the facilities. Today more than ever, the reduction of personnel is important to give concrete answers to a double need: safety within the workplace and safety of the final product. In fact, UNITEC lines dedicated to the blueberry process, thanks to their level of automation, respond to both needs: on the one hand, they allow to reduce manpower on the lines, favoring work while respecting safety distances ; on the other hand, they help to avoid the risk of contamination of the product by the personnel, since the blueberries do not come into direct contact with the operators during the process.

UNITEC has innovated and continues to innovate relentlessly, with the aim of helping its Clients in enhancing their product and improving their business, as stated by the payoff that best expresses the Group's mission: We work for your results.



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