Latin America: the search for new varietal alternatives

The leadership of the blueberry market has been maintained most of the time by countries such as Chile and Peru, who have managed to take advantage of their comparative advantages, learning from the product they are producing and from the market demands that are becoming more and more demanding.

Currently there are a number of varieties of blueberry that are marketed in the world and technology allows each time to improve these foods more. That they are more adaptable to certain geographical characteristics of some countries, that they have better flavor, firmness or post-harvest life, among others.

The demand for this product has increased exponentially, its benefits to people's health have made consumers more demanding in terms of quality and quantity, being willing to purchase them despite their price.

Far markets

However, it is not just Latin America that wants blueberries. Today producers and farmers are looking for new methods and strategies that allow them to be able to take their productions to more distant markets and that they manage to survive as long as possible while maintaining the quality of the fruit at a high level.

Marcela Zúñiga, Executive Director at Viveros Sunnyridge, is a specialist in new varieties of blueberries, who has worked in countries such as Chile, Mexico, Peru, Brazil for 30 years. In a talk he gave to Blueberries Consulting, he stressed that “there is no 100% perfect variety, we work towards that path and there are always changes. Consumers are increasingly more informed and are looking for a particular flavor and condition of the fruit, and market niches are being created for certain varieties. More and more is demanded of these varieties ”.

That is why there is currently a great need for producers and farmers in the field in which they stay updated in the face of news in varietal alternative issues. Vigor, size, firmness and good taste are some of the demands of the market today. "They must be very firm varieties and capable of withstanding the distance," he says.

Marcela will be part of the second day of the online event "International Blueberry Month 2021" where he will give the talk "New blueberry varietal alternatives for Latin America", which will feature presentations by leading international experts.

International Blueberry Month 2021

Blueberries Consulting brings a new edition of its event in August International Blueberry Month 2021. These trainings related to genetics and varieties, innovation, commercial talks, pollination and analysis of industries in different countries, among some of the topics, will allow attendees to know first-hand the knowledge and experiences of speakers from South Africa, Morocco, Chile, Mexico, Spain, Germany and the United States.

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