Propagation of "spotted wing fly" in Chile threatens the production of fruits and berries

Agricultural and Livestock Service Teams, SAG, are analyzing a strategy to combat the "spotted fly", which arrived in the country from Argentina, after it presented an explosive propagation threatening the production of fruits and berries.

In 2017 it was the first time this species was detected called Drosophila suzukii, between Pucón and Villarrica, confirming through monitoring traps and the permanent surveillance of the SAG, which currently exist specimens from the O'Higgins region to Los Lagos, Biobiochile reported.

According to confirmed in Temuco the head of the Department of Plant Health of the Division of Agricultural and Forestry Protection of SAG, Marco Muñoz Fuenzalida, Radio Bío Bío, the plague is very aggressive in fruit trees.

A work is currently being carried out in the regional capital of La Araucanía to decide on a strategy and subsequent diffusion campaign for the phytosanitary emergency due to the detection of the plague in several regions of Chile. SAG trained more than 80 INDAP workers in the region to raise awareness of the phytosanitary measures and characteristics of this fly.

CNN Chile

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