The numbers that reposition Mexico in the global blueberry industry

This good positioning of the Mexican industry in the leadership positions of the world market increases the opportunities for Mexican producers, as well as their challenges...

According to calculations by the Agricultural Markets Consulting Group, with information from Banco de México (BdeM), during the first quarter of this year, berries were the most exported agri-food product in Mexico and are consolidated as the crop that has shown the highest growth ( 20%) in recent years. Blueberries represent 15% of Mexican berry exports and it continues to grow permanently.

Los números

In the campaign that ended in 2022, Mexico produced more than 80.000 tons of blueberries. For the season that ends in 2023, and which is in full swing, it is expected that it will reach 95.802 tons, which means a growth close to 20%. For the 2024 campaign, the Mexican blueberry industry is projected to reach 111.484 tons, which would translate into a significant increase and would place Mexico at the top of the global blueberry industry.

This good positioning of the Mexican industry in the leading places in the world market increases the opportunities for Mexican producers, as well as their challenges, although the Mexican industry for years has been positioning itself as a modern industry, which reads the scenarios very well. that are coming, so this growth will consolidate it as a sustainable and mature industry that must be known.

Meeting in Guadalajara  

In this framework, the XXVI International Blueberry Seminar what will be done this May 31 and June 1 in the facilities of Hard Rock Hotel Guadalajara, Mexico, will be the occasion to analyze the state of the industry and project the steps to follow in this path of development and growth.

The seminar program in Guadalajara is based on the important numbers that Mexico is offering to the global blueberry industry, covering the main factors of blueberry cultivation in its agronomic and commercial facets. Some of the high points will be the wide offer of the new plant genetics; the various aspects of growing in substrates; the adequate nutrition of the plant; and the different factors of improvement in the yield and quality of the fruit, among others.

Other indicators

The area planted with blueberries in the Aztec country reaches 11.400 hectares and is distributed mainly in Jalisco, with 4.915ha, which represents 43,1%; Sinaloa, with 2.440ha (21,4%); Michoacán, with 1.830ha (16,1%); Guanajuato, with 970ha (8,5%); Baja California, with 565ha (5,0%); Puebla, with 270ha (2,4%); Nayarit, with 200ha (1,8%); Querétaro, with 60ha (0,5%); Baja California Sur, with 35ha (0,2%); State of Mexico, with 30ha (0,2%); Colima, with 25ha (0,2%); Sonora, with 25ha (0,2%); San Luis Potosí, with 25ha (0,2%); and Chihuahua, with 10ha (0,1%).

Conventional blueberry cultivation in Mexican production represents 88%, with a surface area of ​​10.032 hectares, and organic cultivation represents 12%, with a surface area of ​​1.368 hectares, although growing annually.

agriculture under cover

The plantations under structure reach 77%, with 8.778 hectares and those that are cultivated in open sky-shade mesh mode, reach 2.622 hectares, equivalent to 23%.

8.453 hectares of Mexican blueberry production are planted with protected varieties, which corresponds to 74% of the total, followed by 23% with production corresponding to the Biloxi variety, with 2.627 hectares. The remaining 3% is divided into different varieties.

Finally, the area of ​​blueberries in substrate mode already reaches 78% of the farms, with 8.930 hectares planted, to the detriment of those that are still kept in soil, which reach 2.470 hectares, which is equivalent to 22% of the total number of 11.400 hectares.

Challenges and program

Among the challenges of the Mexican industry is the efficient use of water, so in the abundant program of the XXVI International Seminar of Guadalajara It is contemplated to address it with the paper: "Irrigation in hydroponics: practices for successful management of blueberries in substrate", from the Israeli specialist Boaz Guy, agronomic manager at Netafim, Mexico.

Another of the challenges is to renew the genetics, seeking to achieve a higher yield with a lower use of resources and, incidentally, increase the quality of the fruit. This topic will be covered by Lucia Corbetto, from Osiris Plant Management, and by the Mexican Ricardo Márquez, commercial manager in Fall Creek Mexico, who will present on the "Varietal alternatives in blueberries for Mexico: news and evaluations by productive area".

“Blueberry production in pots: The importance of choosing the substrate and irrigation and fertilization strategies”, exposed by María del Carmen Salas, researcher and academic at the University of Almería, Spain; “Importance of reserves in plant development and fruit quality”, developed by AGQ's corporate agronomy director, Ivan Fruits, and the presentation "Use of biostimulants in blueberries: alternatives to improve the quality attributes of the fruit", the eng. prometheus sanchez, president of the Mexican Society of Plant Nutrition AC, are some of the more than 20 participations of the different specialists that are scheduled for the Guadalajara meeting.

El XXVI International Blueberry Seminar To be held this May 31 and June 1 in Guadalajara, it will be the occasion to analyze the reality of this industry and address in the meeting program the most important aspects that Mexico must face to continue on its path of growth and leadership.

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