New USDA Strawberry Varieties Brighten the Growing Season
OCEAN CITY, Md. — Have you ever wanted a strawberry so bright and red that your field looks like it's full of Christmas lights? Okay, maybe you haven't thought of it in those terms, but a shiny new strawberry variety promises to start your season with the characteristics growers want. “It was as if […]
New genetic finding could pave the way for fall blueberries in Florida
This is good news for consumers and producers.
Peru: Senasa authorizes the entry of 75,000 blueberry plants of Chilean origin
Three shipments will be made from Chile during December of this year. Know what measures must be followed for importation.
The export volume of Chilean fresh fruit will decrease and the value will increase in 2023
During the January-October 2023 period, Chile exported 2.944.000 tons of fruits, for an FOB value of $6.850 million, (sales values ​​are subject to adjustments by IVV1). Compared to the same period in 2022, this is a decrease in exported volume of 5,4 percent and an increase of 9 percent.
Morocco leads blueberry exports to Saudi Arabia, surpassing South Africa, Peru and Chile
Following the record exports of Moroccan blueberries, the sharp increase in deliveries to Saudi Arabia stands out. In the current marketing campaign (the period from July to June), Morocco has doubled its exports of blueberries to the Saudi Arabian market and has become its main supplier. In the 2022/23 campaign, Morocco [...]
Blueberry production in the US exceeds 320.000 tons
As recent cold weather in North America marked the end of the tall blueberry season, the North American Blueberry Council has released its annual production report. The report, presented at this fall's Blueberry Summit, presents a comprehensive overview of blueberry production in 2023, along with forecasts for 2024. [...]
South African blueberries once again have top-tier prices
“You know blueberry trends, but this year I had to throw my blueberry marketing manual, with all the trends and statistics, out the door,” says Tiaan Rossouw, CEO of Rainbow Superfood, a berry exporter. Exactly a year ago, Tiaan told FreshPlaza that he didn't know how the [...]
Like Peru, Chile will also see less volume of blueberries this season
The supply of blueberries in North America seems good and right now there is product from Peru and Argentina. In addition to those countries, Chile is also starting with its blueberry offering. "There is approximately 30 percent less volume coming from Peru this year than last year," says Katiana Valdés, director of [...]
Alfredo Lira Chirif, former CEO of Cerro Prieto, assumes vice presidency at Camposol
In his new position, he is responsible for the margin of the avocado, mandarin, lemon, grape, mango, cherry and frozen business units of the agro-exporter.
Surprisingly, Zimbabwe becomes world leader in blueberry export growth
Currently the world leader in blueberry export growth rate is a country best known for its record rates of hyperinflation and poverty. However, this country was once very rich and had highly developed agriculture, so its potential should not be underestimated. There is a boom [...]