Blueberries: the landscape of an increasingly popular industry

A globally demanded product, prices, new trends and new varieties, quality, genetics and technology. An analysis for producers and farmers of one of the superfoods that during the pandemic only benefited.

An industrial accelerator is what some in the industry call covid-19 when referring to industry trends. Digitization, awareness, demand, remote work and online sales. The not so necessary visit to stores and the urgency for an efficient marketing strategy so that the products or services are missed by the consumer.

In blueberry area, allowed to publicize the benefits of food, its origin and its need. New audiences decided to opt for this food that, although it may imply a greater economic cost for those who purchase it in stores, brings with it a sum of health benefits that makes their cost-benefit equates.

Niche consumption

Although in the past, it was seen as a niche product, today it is increasingly common to find them in food stores. And users expect them. It was usually known that countries like Mexico, the United States, Peru and Chile They will be marketed, today by new actors such as South Africa, China and other European countries gradually expand their markets, gradually gaining a greater presence.

One of the great challenges of today is about creating new digital tools that allow you to sell easily and comfortably without the need to leave your home or office. Thinking about the home office or remote work is a modality that is here to stay. In addition, the great importance of producing more, without spending too much, protecting crop resources, has led to the use of IA that although its costs are not as high as would be thought in the first instance, it will also offer alternatives to be more efficient and without the need for a high level of labor.

Global trends

According to figures from United States Department of Agriculture (USDA), the countries that have had a greater growth trend in the production of this food have been leading Chile, Mexico, with difference figures, United States and Peru.

However, countries like South Africa or Morocco are being viewed with high hopes, a product of their geographical position which can benefit them greatly. Their climate would allow them produce blueberries for longer seasons and product where they are located could offer coverage to more countries taking less time to do so.

New varieties

And as markets are growing, it is necessary that producers can count on new tools that allow to offer better quality products, that are adapted to the demands of the producing areas and that allow to have a better postharvest life in order to reach more distant markets.

New types of blueberries for a new reality and for a new consumer. Hortifrut Peru has already announced that by 2022 it hopes to be launching three new varieties just like Fall Creek with two new types of this fruit. Today the blueberry has a clear trend, driven by the market, in being a food increasingly organic, ecological and of high quality.

Maria Jesus Frascaroli - Blueberries Consulting

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