Emco CAL introduces its new strawberry varieties to the fields of Peru

Ekland Marketing Company (Emco CAL) is already introducing its new strawberry varieties in Peru. Peruvian producers have welcomed the strawberry Sensation of this multinational in the strawberry market, which keeps its research and development department of new varieties very active to adapt to the preferences of farmers and offer a high quality standard to satisfy the consumer.

The plant health of the material is one of the premises.

The company has had the collaboration of the PeruFrut Nursery to produce a first batch of strawberry seedlings of the Sensation variety. The plants have multiplied with a novel propagation system, so that the stolons never touch the ground. In this way, maximum quality is ensured and plant health for the plant.

The nursery that is distributing the seedlings.

This method opens a great opportunity for producers in Peru, who lose millions of plants every year due to the poor health of the plant material they use for their production. It will also complement the demand for plants from farmers in this Ibero-American country and great producer of red fruits.

The Peruvian strawberry sector will thus have plants of the varieties of the University of Florida, represented by EmcoCAL, both from abroad and from the same country. Ekland Marketing Company, Inc. (EMCO CAL) operates in 70 countries.

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