Company has blueberry producing partners in Peru

NuBerry Farms invests to produce organic blueberries in southern Peru

The American NuBerry Farms revealed that it is making significant expenditures for the cultivation of new varieties of blueberries in southern Peru and thus serve their clients.

The American blueberry marketing company, NuBerry Farms, which has fields in Florida, Georgia, New Jersey and Michigan, as well as producer partners in North Carolina y Washington, and in the markets of Chile y Peru, invests in the latter territory. John Conner, executive director of the company, revealed that they are making significant investments in organic production in the south of the country and cultivating new varieties of blueberries.

“The industry still has supply gaps in organic production, so NuBerry Farms is very focused on filling those supply gaps. To be successful you must control your blueberry supply from seed to fork, very simple. “You must have an adequate supply of organic blueberries and fill supply gaps with the correct varieties,” the manager commented.

Through the association with its producers, NuBerry Farms has volumes of fresh blueberries throughout the year, considering that its customer base has more than doubled during 2023. The company partnered with producers in Chile and Peru to supply this product during the winter and spring seasons.

The company will also add new varieties to its fields in Georgia, Florida and Washington, which give it a competitive advantage in serving its customers. In addition, NuBerry Farms is making progress in expanding its customer base thanks to its infrastructure and vertically integrated business model, The Produce News portal reported.

Good blueberry outlook

Albert Grimaldi, managing partner of NuBerry Farms, recalled that 2023 was challenging for the blueberry industry. However, this season, he highlighted that there is more supply available and, therefore, the total tonnage is expected to be much higher than last season.

“This domestic season has had good growing conditions and we look forward to ample opportunities to promote domestic blueberries from Jersey, Michigan and Washington. We have a great mix of retail, service, food and wholesale customers. The success of having strong partnerships with customers is having consistent, high-quality blueberries,” she added.

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