Projar, the only company in the world that offers all the inputs for the cultivation of cranberry

The most important global provider of substrates and supplies for blueberries, Projar, already works in several Latin American countries to accompany the professional growth of this industry, so important in the first world exporting country of these berries, Chile, but growing in countries like Peru.

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This company produces custom-made substrate mixtures in Spain, with a portfolio of more than 200 recipes. "We import peat from northern Europe, coconut fiber from Asia and in our factory, located in the port of Almería (Spain), we design and manufacture mixtures to which we add different improver additives. From there we distribute our products to Spain, France, Portugal and Morocco, and many other countries, and from Sri Lanka and India we export to 20 countries around the world. Currently, we are the only company with the capacity to produce such an important quantity of mixtures and distribute it, complying with the highest quality parameters. Our production capacity with these factories is more than 250.000 m3 "explained Miriam Carretero.

Miriam Carretero - Brand Manager

Miriam Carretero, Brand Manager of Projar, said that it was the outstanding growth of blueberry production in various countries of the world, which attracted this company to work with countries such as Peru, Chile or Mexico, since this company operates in the main producing countries in Europe, North America, Africa and Asia.

"We have extensive international experience that allows us to gain the confidence of many large companies in the fruit sector," said the representative of Projar.

"In certain Latin American countries, such as Mexico and Chile, we work with local partners with whom we have the confidence of many years of coordinated work. In others, we are the ones who operate in the country directly. "

An operations strategy that ensures supply at any time of the year

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"We differentiate ourselves by having factories in different regions of Sri Lanka and India and in this way have greater supply capacity, overcoming the inconveniences that the climatology of these areas supposes for the production of coconut at certain times of the year", added our Brand Manager.

Projar has a factory in the port of Almeria, with a production capacity of more than 100.000 m3 of substrate. In this factory, it uses raw materials such as peat, coconut or wood fiber and produces customized substrates for nurseries, nurseries, forest plant propagation companies, citrus, etc.

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25 years ago the company introduced in Spain products derived from coconut and added them to its portfolio of horticultural products. In 2008 began its process of internationalization acquiring a factory of substrates for hydroponics based on coconut fiber. Today it has two factories in Sri Lanka, one for raw materials and the other for manufacturing the final product, and it has a stake in two other factories in India. "From these factories we supply raw materials and hydroponic products of the Golden Grow and Cocopeat brands both to the Spanish and Portuguese markets and to various countries in the world, such as Russia, China, Italy or Mexico."

"In Projar we have been making great efforts in the operations system for several years: logistics, efficiency, quality and good service are fundamental to achieve the objectives and fulfill the promises made to the customer. In all of our subsidiaries we have European staff that support local staff to develop businesses with the highest Western quality. However, in all our subsidiaries we have incorporated highly trained local staff with experience in international business, "said Miriam Carretero.

The only company with a whole technical package for the cultivation of cranberry

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But although much of Projar's business is focused on the manufacture of substrates, it is also the only company that offers a whole technical package for the cultivation of cranberry with different methods. So much for productions in soil as without soil, and also for nurseries. Projar has an important business area that consists of the distribution of a multitude of products for the professional cultivation of plants or fruits.

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In the last 6 years, Projar has submerged in the world of blueberries given the demand that was emerging. This company, before working with berry productions, already had a history of more than 20 years in agriculture and had clients in different parts of the planet.

The company, in addition to being a manufacturer of substrates and coconut fiber for horticulture, imports and exports all kinds of inputs. It has a team of operations with extensive experience in moving goods from one point to another on the planet and a team of Engineers that works hand in hand with the farmer and detects needs that must be covered.

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Therefore, when they began to receive questions about how to grow cranberry in places where the soil did not allow it, they saw a very interesting opportunity in it. Their Agronomists began to study hydroponic possibilities for this type of plants. Logistically, it did not matter where the consultations came from, since they were already very used to operations with Canada, Mexico, some countries in Africa and Chile, among others. So they found solutions for those farmers who from Africa and Latin America wanted to access this interesting emerging crop. That's 8 years ago. In all this time, recipes of substrates have been formulated, the pots have been perfected ... to be now the only supplier that has a wide portfolio of products for berries. In this way, large producers can forget about the costly work of purchasing inputs separately and adjust transportation. Projar groups orders to make certain operations feasible at a logistic level.

Projar is a Spanish company, cradle of European agriculture, with factories in Sri Lanka and India, another factory in southern Spain, and partners / distributors in various countries.

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