On September 13 and 14, the International Blueberry Seminar will be held at the Agadir Conference and Meeting Center

In September, the international blueberry industry will meet in Agadir

The blueberry industry, in addition to being the newest in the international fruit market, is one of the most global. It is an industry that stands out for its permanent development in all its areas, characterized by a rapid adaptation to technological change, applying it from genetic improvement to the anchoring of the plant in the farms, which has practically left the ground and is produced in inert substrates, under the modern concept of sustainable and precision agriculture.

It is a pragmatic, sustainable and profitable industry, which has successfully overcome the challenges that have arisen as a result of the pandemic, the economy, war or climate change, among other threats.

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The reasons to explain this successful phenomenon are multifactorial, although there are predominant elements to highlight, such as communications and the training of its actors, which explains the surprising achievements that the blueberry industry has achieved in the world.

In this field, the international consultancy Blueberries Consulting, manager of various communication tools that have contributed significantly to the development of the blueberry industry, such as the International Blueberry Seminars, which began in Chile a decade ago and currently spans three continents, projecting to have a presence in the top 10 blueberry-producing countries in 2025, including Morocco.

Blueberries Consulting

International Seminar in Agadir

The International Blueberry Seminars have made it possible to disseminate information and knowledge regarding the cultivation of blueberries to different countries and regions of the world, which, due to this, have been incorporated into blueberry production professionally, making the industry of the blueberry in a global and competitive reality.

Previously, in June 2022, the Blueberries Consulting International Seminar was held in Casablanca, at the Hyatt Regency Casablanca premises, and it turned out to be a very good experience for the Moroccan blueberry industry. But, mainly at the request of Moroccan producers, this year it will be held on the premises of the Conference and Meeting Center of Agadir, next September 13 and 14, with a program that in its two days will cover the most important aspects of the blueberry crop and market.

Agadir, business center

The seminar is supported by the Moroccan Association of Producers of Red Fruits (Ampfr) and its president, Amine Bennani, and with that of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services of Agadir (CCIS), headed by its president Said Dor, in addition to the patronage and sponsorship of the main international companies related to the cultivation of berries, some of which have already confirmed their participation early, such as UNITEC, Maf Roda, A&B Packaging, Pasquini & Bini, Projar, Elifab, San San, Fiber Dust LLC, Encipharm, iFoods, FD Berries, Ecofos, Sunnyridge Nurseries, BlueMagazine, among others.

As projected, in the Agadir International Blueberry Seminar Important leaders of the international blueberry industry, businessmen and investors seeking to participate in the Moroccan industry, producers from various countries and more than 50 international companies will come together to disseminate their products, making Agadir a great business center related to the blueberry industry. .

Blueberries Consulting

Why Morocco?

Morocco is fast approaching the leadership positions in the global blueberry industry, not only because of its increasingly important presence in European markets, but also because of the quality of its fruit, which is internationally recognized by demanding consumers.

But the main factor that defines Morocco as an essential place to visit for the global blueberry industry is its rapid growth, which has been sustained in recent years, currently covering a planted area that already reaches 4.000 hectares and which increases permanently in a range that oscillates between 200 and 400 hectares each year, with new and modern productive projects.

These latest figures indicate a significant speed of annual growth, since, according to the records we have of the Moroccan blueberry industry in recent years, until 2015 the growth of the area planted with blueberries was only 50 hectares. year.

Why Agadir?

In Agadir there are approximately 3.000 hectares planted with blueberries and raspberries. All blueberry crops are implemented in management systems Aboveground (in pots) and there are many more technicians than in other areas of Morocco, so the demand for information and knowledge regarding the agronomic, technological and commercial aspects of the crop is much greater.

In short, there are many reasons to meet in Agadir on September 13 and 14, 2023 and participate in XXVIII International Seminar on Blueberries Morocco, the most important blueberry event in the country, where the main players of the Moroccan industry will meet, and there will be activities of networking to interact between attendees and sponsors.

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