Peru would close the 2017 with 5 thousand hectares planted with blueberries

The growth of hectares in the last year has been 153%, according to the specialist.

The appetite for blueberries does not stop in the main markets of the world and is great news for producing countries like Peru. Therefore, Aling Figueroa, general manager of Inkabiolab, estimates that currently our country already exceeds the 3,500 hectares planted with this fruit and would close the 2017 in 5,000 hectares.

"Five years ago the area planted was small. For the closure of 2017, Peru would already have 5,000 hectares of blueberries; to date it is estimated that we are above the 3,500 hectares, which translates into greater exports in the future. In fact, in the last year, growth has been 153% ", he explained.

The specialist added that although the cranberry can propagate in a traditional way using the seeds, it is not a recommendable method because the plants generated in this way are variable and do not guarantee homogeneity to the field of cultivation. This, consequently, translates into a fruit of variable quantity and quality, something that is not admissible considering the export business.

Another way is by cutting, he added, but this scheme presents the risk that if the mother plant has an infection, the daughter plant will have the same disease, which can not always be seen externally, which will cause the cutting plant is infected.

Therefore, he said, the best way to propagate this crop is in vitro from meristems, which is the technique used mostly by Peruvian companies that are dedicated to the business of cranberry for export.

It should be noted that until September of this year, our country exported 11.864.032 kilos of blueberries for a value of more than US $ 109.5 million. The United States is the main destination of our shipments with purchases of US $ 41 million in that period.


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