SAG trains blueberry producers of Lautaro by capturing lobesia botrana in urban area of ​​the city

In La Araucanía, only the insect has been detected in homemade parrots from urban areas in the region.

In Lautaro, the Agricultural and Livestock Service (SAG), trained blueberry producers for the presence of Lobesia botrana in homemade parrones of the urban area of ​​the commune. The catches of the insect were recorded in the network of traps that the Service keeps installed throughout the region for the monitoring of this pest.

It should be noted that the Lobesia botrana or commonly known as the Vine Cluster Moth mainly affects the grape production, however, and after the detections of the insect in the central zone of the country in other export fruit species such as blueberries, the strategy of the National Control Program ofLobesia botrana It contemplates measures in this fruit species and in other bibliographic hosts in the areas where the pest is present, as in the regions where the grape cluster moth has not been found.

Although in La Araucanía the vine cluster moth has only been detected in home vines in urban areas, it is very important that farmers know the characteristics of the insect, the phytosanitary measures and the regulations established by the pest, said the Regional Director of SAG, Eduardo Figueroa Goycolea.

"It is of the utmost importance that the regions comply with all the measures of the National Lobesia botrana Control Program, to avoid the spread of this insect to other areas, for this the training of producers and coordination with the community is essential.", The authority pointed out.

The training was delivered by the regional coordinator of the National Control Program Lobesia botrana, Isaul Saavedra Vicencio, who pointed out that Lautaro is the last commune regulated by the presence of this plague in the region to date. "In the commune, seven catches of the insect were recorded, which led to the application of immediate phytosanitary measures by the Service"Saavedra detailed.

The professional added that the phytosanitary measures must be accompanied by training in order to explain to the community and the producers the objective of the actions that are implemented and the importance of the collaboration of each of them to avoid establishing the plague in the region.

The exhibition detailed the characteristics and damage of the insect, the regulated areas and the devices used to control this moth. In the case of the Lautaro commune, 700 sexual confusers were installed in the city. Devices that do not cause problems to the health of people and animals. Its objective is to produce a cloud of pheromones to confuse the males, preventing the insect from finding the female for reproduction, thus decreasing the multiplication possibilities of the pest.

The activity was carried out in the Cultural Center of the Municipality, where the producers went thanks to the call made by the technical teams of the municipality. The head of the Local Development Unit of the Lautaro Municipality, John Vásquez, said that this activity can be carried out thanks to the coordinated work between the Service and the Municipality.

In this opportunity, producers and technical teams of the municipality were also trained.

To date there are 17 areas regulated by the pest, all by capture of the insect in home vines in urban areas of Mininco, Angol, Collipulli, Ercilla, Los Sauces, Purén, Victoria, Curacautín, Vilcún, Temuco, Imperial, Freire, Pitrufquén, Villarrica, Pucón, Los Sauces and Lautaro in all these communes SAG has applied phytosanitary measures to avoid the establishment of Lobesia botrana in the Region of La Araucanía.

The moth of the vine cluster, plague native to Europe, was detected for the first time in the year 2008 in our country in the area of ​​Linderos, Metropolitan Region. This plague attacks the vineyards, its larva causes direct damage by feeding on the clusters, producing a decay and dehydration of the berries, situation that decreases the yields and quality of table grapes for fresh consumption.


Source: La Opiñón

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