Betina Ernst, a relevant figure in the world of data and an accurate analysis of the industry

The report “Cranberry: Where do we stand?”, Prepared by Betina Ernst, collects the news from each region and its latest campaigns, emphasizing the results obtained, their projections and the challenges that arise.

In the modern fruit industry - in that of blueberries, berries in general, or in cherries - data science has taken over the big decisions, and this is because they are very competitive markets, almost totally technologized and with a dynamism in the demand and the new demands that, if there is not good information and an accurate interpretation of these data, the losses can be large, which could mean having to leave the industry.

Reliable source

Currently it is unthinkable to plan production, marketing or any relevant aspect of the production process without paying attention to the data, results, values, percentages and the different measurements, so it is essential to turn to experts who correctly analyze this information , and that according to the accuracy of their work they become a reliable and strategic source for producers and for the industry in general.

This is the case of Betina Ernst, who at the head of Top Info Marketing has broken into the industry with accurate analyzes and projections of the industries of different countries and products, which have made her rapidly climb to places of privilege and relevance as an authority in its field, becoming a reliable source.

Featured figure

Just as we have incorporated the work of Colin Fain, from Agronometrics, into our different communication and dissemination channels, since we met Betina Ernst we have disclosed her serious, responsible and professional work, and we have made it accessible to the producers of the different countries and the entire blueberry industry.

For this reason we highlight her as one of the relevant figures who will participate in the "International Blueberry Month, 2021", giving the talk: "Perspectives and projections of the Latin American blueberry", which will be very interesting, because Betina Ernst is a great connoisseur of the Peruvian, Chilean, Mexican, Argentine and Uruguayan industry, and her company Top Info Marketing has developed several strategic reports on the state and market of different Latin American fruits, especially regarding blueberries.

It does not stop surprising ...

"The blueberry does not stop surprising ..." is the title of the phrase that begins the latest Top Info Marketing analysis on the blueberry industry, and it is a very true statement, because the blueberry continues its expansion to planetary dimensions, both in its cultivation as well as with regard to the indices of its demand, which does not stop in its increase, although not without facing various challenges, which are also addressed in the report "Blueberry: Where do we stand?"

An international conversation

In the talk "Perspectives and projections of the Latin American blueberry", which Betina Ernst will give at the "International Blueberry Month 2021", in addition to dwelling on the details of each country and Latin American region of the blueberry industry, undoubtedly the reality of other industries that compete with those of the continent cannot be ignored, so the international dialogue and conversation will be very productive and enriching for producers from the different participating countries.

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