Chile: CNTC, Fedesur and FedeQuinta get off the carrier strike after agreement with the Government

Despite declaring after the appointment with the undersecretary Manuel Monsalve that "we are not so satisfied", the vice president of Fedequinta, Iván Mateluna, assessed that "of three relevant points for us, two were achieved, at least".

La National Confederation of Land Freight Transport (CNTC), Fedesur and FedeQuinta They reached an agreement with the Government and accepted its proposal to subtract from the truckers' strike that has been in place since Monday in different parts of the country.

The agreement was signed after a meeting between the representatives of the unions and the Executive, represented by the Undersecretary of the Interior, Manuel Monsalve, and the Minister of Transport and Telecommunications, Juan Carlos Munoz.

The president of Production and Commerce (CPC), subtle john, who indicated that the rates paid to carriers will be reviewed in the midst of the rise in the price of gasoline.


Iván Mateluna, Vice President of Fedequinta, confirmed that in his organization they reached a deal with La Moneda, although he accused that "we are not leaving happy."

"Of three important points for us, two were achieved, at least, we believe that the bases were satisfied, and today, in an emergency consultation that we had with all the bases, almost 99% of our people approved what had been The Treasury sent, it was a sufficient agreement, since we also with the responsibility that we have (at the country level), understand that the State is making a great effort, "added Mateluna.

The leader warned that “we really wanted all the fuel to be lowered, but unfortunately it was not possible. The Government explained to us, we understood.

While Pedro Brañas, from the CNTC, announced that "we managed to reach a solution so that the roads would be enabled today."

The deal does not imply the end of the mobilization, since the position of the Confederation of Transportistas Fuerza Norte and the truckers from the south that accompany it still need to be known.

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