Windbreakers and bird screens to protect berry crops

Like many high value crops, the production of berries is very sensitive to environmental conditions and carries a high degree of risk. Producers all over the world do not give up in their search for solutions to reduce the environmental impact on production and respond to the growing needs of markets and the selective demands of consumers.

Strong winds, whether cold or warm, can be one of the main problems for producers, especially if grown in tunnels. The wind can cause many unwanted effects, such as the tearing or breaking of the plastic film, or the deformation of the structure. Due to the strong wind blows (above 60 km / h), the joints of the structure must be checked, as there is a possibility of loosening.

Investing in effective windbreaks in agriculture can offer long-term benefits by allowing improved quality and abundance of crops. In addition, protecting structures with windbreaks is positive for crops produced in tunnels or in open fields with the same effects.

  • Proposal of two solutions:Place windproof mesh in the tunnels and protect the crops from wind and sun and provide better ventilation in the summer months.

Place a windbreak barrier as a protective wall to protect crops from damage in the open field or in tunnels. Always place the barrier transverse to the direction in which the wind blows. Each barrier protects the crops 8-10 times its height. We recommend using wooden poles for the installation of barriers because they have more flexibility than concrete poles.



Source: Freshplaza

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