Exchange rate increases more than one 15% during the 2014

Between $ 526 and $ 623. The price of the dollar in Chile moved in these ranges last year, registering an increase of 15,63% in its value, and scoring an average of $ 574,62, according to figures from the Chilean Electronic Stock Market.

This increase was clearly greater than that seen in the 2013, when the exchange rate rose close to an 10% and averaged a level of $ 534.

The current season will then be one in which producers can take advantage of this higher dollar, with settlements that will be strengthened not only by the prices that can be achieved abroad, but also by a dollar that this year should be around $ 600.

The 2015 opens more opportunities for fruit growers that export and that is why Fedefruta calls them to take advantage of the Liquidations Analysis tool, "service so that producers understand how the exporter they hired to market their fruit abroad worked with them", As indicated by President Juan Carolus Brown Bauzá.


Source. Thefruticulturist

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