International Seminar in Casablanca:

The Blueberry World Tour arrives in Morocco

The program is intended to address the main technical and commercial issues that are of interest to Moroccan producers, or are necessary to collaborate in their development.

This June 9, in the halls of the Hyatt Regency Casablanca, a meeting of the Moroccan blueberry industry will be held in the context of the World Blueberry Tour, which for the first time arrives in Morocco, through the XXIII International Blueberry Seminar that It will be held in the emblematic city of Casablanca.

Strategic analysis of the industry

The program is intended to address the main technical and commercial issues that are of interest to Moroccan producers, or are necessary to collaborate in their development, and will begin with an analysis of the factors that differentiate the Moroccan blueberry industry, by Hassan Ouabouch , Ph.D. in Economics from the Hassan II University of Casablanca, then the current state of the industry and its projections will be analyzed by the president of the Moroccan red fruit producers, Amine Bennani.

Closing this first block, attendees will be able to learn in detail the vision of FallCreek's CoCEO, Cort Brazelton, analyzing the global blueberry market and presenting the best competitive strategies.

new systems

Pedro Brás de Oliveira, Ph.D of the Instituto Nacional de Investigação Agrária e Veterinária de Portugal, will speak on the great topic of new management systems in blueberries, such as the production of blueberries in substrates, and the Spanish agricultural engineer, María del Carmen Salas, Ph.D and researcher at the University of Almería, will do so with the topic of biofertigation in blueberries and salinity control in soilless crops.

The plant and its management

In the next block, the physiology and agronomic management will be addressed to optimize the yield and quality of the blueberry, exposed by Professor Jorge Retamales, and the management of the nitrogenous and phosphorous nutrition of the blueberry and its effect on the development of the blueberry will be deepened. plant, by nutrition specialist and international consultant Abdallah Zayani.

The pathology expert, Douglas Rodríguez, from Planasa, will close the talks by explaining the identification and control of the most important pests and diseases in blueberries.

A developing industry

Closing each block of the program and the day, a Round of Questions is scheduled, in which the rapporteurs will participate to deepen the topics exposed and other aspects related to the cultivation of blueberries that arise from the questions of the attendees.

With this meeting, the World Blueberry Tour arrives at the "Gateway to Africa", recognizing an industry that has grown remarkably in recent times, producing a high-quality fruit that is preferred by consumers, and that has developed in such a way that it is currently valued as one of the main ones in the global blueberry industry.

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