Felipe Rosas, goodbye to a great communicator and pioneer ...

We endorse his legacy of persevering in the permanent task of communicating and spreading the many aspects of cultivation.

There are people who have been gravitating so that the cultivation of berries, and especially blueberries, spread in its geography throughout the world and is currently included in the diet of most people in different countries and regions.

This is the case of Felipe Rosas ...

We want to highlight it in his departure, because Felipe's legacy belongs to those who perseveringly collect knowledge and information regarding the fruits, searching in the garden and in the academy to make it available to those interested in participating in the development of this industry, always collaborating to its growth and the success of all.

The work of Felipe Rosas allowed thousands of producers, from different parts of the world, to be able to link directly with the technical secrets of cultivation, with its various operations and with the technology available to apply it in their gardens.

The industry remembers it and bears witness to it ...

Pilar Bañados, manager of genetic programs in blueberries from Hortifrut and academic from PUC:

“I was lucky to meet Felipe more than 20 years ago in various berry seminars in Chile and Argentina. We traveled a couple of times together on the multiple times he went to Argentina. Passionate about berries and everything he undertook. Always looking for the latest information to share with his many followers. A fun and entertaining man, full of energy and always ready to support and share what he knew. Thank you Felipe for all your delivery… the world of berries will miss you ”.

Manuel José Alcaíno, President of Decofrut

“Felipe was an advance of his time who, with few resources but with great passion, structured a model that has become an important benchmark for the international berry industry. Today his departure saddens us, but his legacy prevails and his memory broadens. ”

Isabel Quiroz, director of IQonsulting:

“One of the traits that most caught Felipe's attention was always his fighting character. For a long time he struggled with the means to carry out his projects and lately with his illness, without giving up, and with the raw truth ahead he gave the fight. Admirable his drive and good spirits that led him to participate in seminars with great motor difficulties until last year. We cross paths on the topics that we analyze and so many times we share those analyzes and help each other to clarify, we also discuss, as do those who respect themselves professionally. We will miss your contributions and your bearing. You made yourself noticed. Thank you for everything you gave to fruit growing. Rest in peace Felipe ”.

Alfonso Velásquez, former president of Sierra Exportadora:

"Felipe Rosas loved Peru! Only a person who loves a neighboring country and brother could have dedicated their time and permanent dedication to the promotion of a crop that has become a great success for Peruvian agro-exports, such as blueberries. Felipe advised the work of Sierra Exportadora and the Berries Peru program. Monthly, he would arrive, get in a car and go out to explore the valleys and corners of Peru, deepening his knowledge and measuring the potential, not only for blueberries, but also for blackberries, raspberries, and eventually cherries. It was he who determined the harvest season and window of the market where the Peruvian blueberry could be placed, and this was the case. The best moments for the Peruvian blueberry are in the weeks that he planned and that today constitute our niche.

His motivation, his word, his passion to motivate and his tenacity, made large investors believe in the cultivation of blueberries in Peru. We owe Felipe Rosas a lot and we will always be grateful for that.

Felipe, you are in our hearts, in the hearts of your friends, and in the hearts of all of Peru. ”

We make your legacy ours

As Blueberries Consulting we become part of each and every one of the words of those who remember it, and we make their legacy our own to persevere in the permanent task of communicating and spreading the multiple aspects of cultivation, seeking this information at all levels where you are in the perspective of developing and growing the industry and above all supporting producers.

A pioneer and a great communicator is gone, the berries are in mourning.