Retail market for organic products worldwide has multiplied 7 times during the last 10 years

Peru is among the 10 countries with the largest number of organic producers in the world

The trends in healthy and sustainable food worldwide have generated a growing demand for fresh, functional, exotic and, above all, organic products, that is, what Peru offers, highlighted the executive president of the Commission for the Promotion of Peru for Exports and Tourism (PromPeru), Amora Carbajal Schumacher.

He pointed out that the retail market for organic products in the world has multiplied 7 times during the last 10 years and Peru has adapted to these global trends, being among the 10 countries with the largest number of organic producers.

He added that associativity has become a key element in production chains such as coffee, bananas, cocoa, quinoa, handicrafts, among others. Likewise, he said that our national production is synonymous with high genetic diversity.

“Through regional brands such as Superfoods, Cafés del Perú, Pisco Spirit of Peru, we seek to promote the identity of the country, highlight the importance of the history behind each of our products, position the main products, culture, show our biodiversity, origin and ethnicity as important attributes to make ourselves known worldwide”, he said.

Support to the regional export chain

At another time, Amora Carbajal said that her representative is committed to providing support to the regional export chain, from the identification of a company with export potential to accompanying the destination markets that will lead the companies to the long-awaited internationalization.

He added that the work of PromPerú is not only the promotion through its decentralized offices, but also through the dissemination and intelligence work provided by the commercial offices abroad, which have a range of action in more than 50 markets. on an international level.

“These export strengthening actions, especially for Mypes from the different regions of the country, would not be possible without the coordinated and joint work that we have been doing from PromPerú with the regional governments and the regional business institutions, an indivisible synergy that makes that the exportable offer reaches the main niches and specialized markets around the world”, he commented.

Regarding the regions that make up the Amazon Commonwealth, he pointed out that the performance has been very positive for our country. He detailed that Madre de Dios leads the regional ranking with a growth of +107%; followed by Ucayali with +97%; Loreto with +46%, San Martin +34%; Amazons +11%.

“Within these exports we can highlight the natural ingredients that only our great Amazon can offer, the same ones that we from the promotion line, such as the well-known superfoods, have promoted so that they are part of the foods that millions of people in the world bring to their tables or that they consume as an added value through the award-winning Peruvian gastronomy,” he said.

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