The costs and profitability of the Chilean blueberry industry will be a strong point at the April 13 meeting

The genetic variable, the emergence of new management and technologies, the optimization of resources, the opportunities to reduce costs and obtain greater comparative profitability, will be the relevant aspects at the April 13 meeting in Monticello.

Those attending the meeting of the April 13 they will be able to know in detail the direct and associated costs of the blueberry industry. On this basis, it will be possible to advance with concrete actions to lower costs in the different areas of production and marketing of exports. In addition, in the meeting the real profitability of the activity will be confronted in a transparent way, so that it will also be possible to have greater certainty in the most effective ways to achieve higher dividends and better economic returns.

Peru and Chile

The detail of the costs and the comparative profitability of the Peruvian industry will be addressed in the presentation of the renowned Peruvian businessman and production manager of Family Farms Peru, John Paul Bentin, one of the first exporting producers to dabble with new improved genetics and which, without abandoning the original crops of Biloxi and other varieties, is currently producing with Mountain Blue Orchard (MBO) varieties, in a project of more than 500 hectares installed in the Pampa California desert, in the town of Pisco, Peru.

In the context of XXV International Seminar on Blueberries & Cherries, which will be done this April 13, businessman John Paul Bentin will expose your "Analysis of profitability and costs associated with the production of blueberries in Peru: the importance of genetics".

A little earlier in the meeting schedule, the engineer oscar ayach, will perform a "Profitability analysis of blueberry production in Chile"Likewise, different specialist rapporteurs will address the agronomic and commercial advantages, with “New blueberry varietal alternatives for Chile”.

Strategies and technology

Following the route of lowering costs and increasing the profitability of the Chilean industry, the international specialist William Beltramin, will expose "Computer vision for counts and prediction of yields in blueberries"; the renowned international researcher Fumiomi Takeda will do it with “Strategies to improve harvest efficiency in blueberries”; and the American researcher Lisa DeVetter, will expose about “Mechanical harvest in blueberries for the fresh market”, in tune with the latest in international research, such as FallCreek research, which is already testing in North American locations very similar to the conditions in southern Chile with genetics that produce quality fruit for the fresh market, adapted for be harvested mechanically.

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Handling and postharvest

Always aiming to collaborate with producers, businessmen and exporters in the task of increasing profitability, the researcher and specialist, Juan Hirzel, will expose about "Intelligent management of plant nutrition to optimize fruit quality in a period of high input cost."

Continuing with the emphasis on the industry's sustainability, optimizing resources, lowering costs and increasing profitability as an activity, various postharvest specialists will address this area from different angles.

Professor Bruno Defilippi, recognized specialist in the area, will present his thesis “All or nothing: optimizing postharvest for quality fruit”; the CEO of QIMA, Ignacio Santibanez, will do it with "Arrivals of Chilean fruit to international markets: main problems of the last season"For his part, the teacher John Paul Zoffoli, will dictate the talk “Cherry postharvest: experiences of the 2022/23 season”; the researcher Jessica Rodriguez will expound on "Managements to consider to ensure a good arrival in the destination markets" and the teacher Victor Hugo Escalona will expound on “Innovations in postharvest technologies for cherries destined for distant markets”.

Blueberries Consulting invites you to participate in the most important event in blueberries in Chile, The main industry players in the country will meet at the Hotel Monticello, an event in which there will be new networking activities to interact with attendees and sponsors.

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